FREAKANGEL – Digital Deviations (2010)

GENRE : Dark Electro/EBM
COUNTRY : Estonia
BITRATE : 320 Kbps
SIZE : 202 MB
HOSTER : Deposit Files

01. Under Code (Detroit Diesel Remix)
02. My Darling Bullet (Preemptive Strike 01 Remix)
03. God´s Blind Game (ES23 Remix)
04. Price For All Of Us (FGFC820 Remix)
05. My Darling Bullet (Yade Remix)
06. God´s Blind Game (Syndrome X/209 Remix)
07. My Darling Bullet (Mordacious Remix)
08. Crawling In The Dark (Say Just Words Remix)
09. Curse,Forgive,Kill,Cure (CeDigest Remix)
10. Crawling In The Dark (La Magra Remix)
11. It´s Not A Love Song (Studio-X Hard Dance Remix)
12. God´s Blind Game (Neikka RPM Remix)
13. Crawling In The Dark (Beati Mortui Remix)
14. Price For All Of Us (Menschdefekt Remix)
15. My Darling Bullet (Acylum Remix)
16. Under Code (R:Noir Remix)