MINERVE – Repleased (2011)

GENRE : Synthpop
COUNTRY : Germany
BITRATE : 320 kbps
SIZE : 141 MB
HOSTER : Deposit Files

01. Here Comes The Rain Again 
02. Hold Me Tight (Celluloide Remix) 
03. Every Day (!Distain Remix) 
04. Down To The Ground (Stum Remix) 
05. Life Is An Illusion (For A Space Vs. Destroid Rmx) 
06. You Don’t Know Me (Babylonia Remix) 
07. Don’t Ask Me Why (Midnight Resistance Remix) 
08. Phoenix (DSX Remix)
09. Read In My Memories (Lakeside X Remix) 
10. Forbidden Love (Exes Remix) 
11. Please (Liquid Divine Remix) 
12. Save Me (People Theatre Remix) 
13. Under My Skin (Mechanical Apfelsine Remix)


DE/VISION – Popgefahr The Mix (2CD 2011)

GENRE : Synthpop
COUNTRY : Germany
BITRATE : 320 kbps
SIZE : 221 MB
HOSTER : Deposit Files

CD 1:

01. mAndroids (T.O.Y. Remix By Volker Lutz)
02. Rage (Mesh-Tantrum Mix By Richard Silverthorn)
03. What’s Love All About (Unpleasantsurprise Mix By Steffen Auxel)
04. Time To Be Alive (Decay Inc. Remix)
05. Plastic Heart (Renegade Of Noise Floor Remix By Daniel Myer)
06. Be A Light To Yourself (Iris Mix By Andrew Sega)
07. Ready To Die (Strong Force Remix By Rico Hüllermeier)
08. Flash Of Life (Intuition’s Perfect Life Remix By Kenneth Porter)
09. Twisted Story (Rob Dust Remix)
10. Until The End Of Time (Remix By Rotoskop)

CD 2:

01. mAndroids (David Nemec Remix)
02. Rage (Elektroartefakt Mix By Telekommander)
03. What’s Love All About (Tenek Remix)
04. Time to Be Alive (E-Gens Remix)
05. Plastic Heart (Slave Republic Remix)
06. Be A Light To Yourself (360° Precious Mix)
07. Ready To Die (Hearhere Mix)
08. Flash Of Life (Melanchoholic Mix By Malte Schmidt-Kohl)
09. Twisted Story (Tkach Rogue Mix By Vasyl Tkach)
10. Until The End Of Time (Com.Pulsion Remix By Luis Carlos Alcazar Morales) 

THE GOTHSICLES – Industrialites & Magic (2011)

GENRE : EBM/Industrial
SIZE : 119 MB
HOSTER : File Factory

01. I Do What I Do
02. B-R-[x]-A-N (Feat. Bryan North Of Xuberx)
03. Save Dat Mermaid
04. Wearing A Star Trek Uniform, Watching Tony Lechmanski Sleep
05. Drunk Cuts
06. Voicebox Botox
07. WTII Records Is My Favorite Record Label
08. My Guy Died (Level 12 Human Sorcerer)
09. You Have Found The Hawk’s Claw
10. Wildness Acts (Feat. Xero Of Critical System Error)
11. Baby Jesus Vs Baby Genius (Feat. Sega Lugosi)
12. Call The Chips To Port
13. Save Dat Mermaid (Leaether Strip Remix)
14. Drunk Cuts (Remix By Peter Spilles)
15. My Guy Died (Level 12 Human Sorcerer) (Yendri Remix)
16. B-R-[x]-A-N (Girl’s, You’re Both Pretty Mix By Caustic)
17. Drunk Cuts (Reaper Mix By Vasi Vallis)
18. My Guy Died (Reveling & Leveling Club Mix By Boole)

CORPORATE SOLDIERS – All That’s Lost (EP 2006)

GENRE : EBM/Synthpop
SIZE : 104 MB
HOSTER : Deposit Files

01. Adapt Adjust
02. Go Home
03. Separation
04. Separation (Enemy Remix By FGFC820)
05. Adapt Adjust (Cesium:137 Remix)
06. Go Home (Assemblage 23 Remix)
07. Go Home (God Module Remix)
08. Adapt Adjust (Implant Remix)
09. Separation (Flesh Field Remix)
10. Separation (Terrorfakt Remix)
11. Go Home (Mesmer’s Eyes Remix)
12. Pvrge (Official Mix)