THE GOTHSICLES – Nyarlat Hot (EP 2015)

GENRE : EBM/Industrial
BITRATE : 320 kbps
SIZE : 60 MB
HOSTER : File Factory/

01. Death Touch
02. On Another Plane
03. Yar’s Lathotep
04. Death Touch (God Van Dammet Remix By Ballpeen)
05. On Another Plane (F_cked By Projekt F)
06. Death Touch (VanDamanator Mix By God Module)
07. So Long, And Thanks For All The Chips


2 thoughts on “THE GOTHSICLES – Nyarlat Hot (EP 2015)

  1. Thank you so much!!!

    The final WTII release from this hi-energy outfit. The, digital only, EP
    features 4 new tracks plus remixes from God Module, Ballpeen and Projekt F.
    Death Touch was mixed by Krischan from Rotersand and On Another Plane was mixed
    Reza Udin from Inertia.


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