BRUDERSCHAFT – Return (2CD 2013)

GENRE : Synthpop/Futurepop
SIZE : 206 MB
HOSTER : File Factory/


01. Trigger (Feat. Clint Carney)
02. Return (Feat. Tom Shear)
03. Dead Tomorrow (Feat. Daniel Graves)
04. Goodbye (Feat. Jared Lambert)
05. The Things That Dreams Are Made Of (Feat. Andylab)
06. Falling (Feat. Daniel Myer)
07. 6AM (Feat. Stefan Netschio)
08. Goodbye (Feat. P.O. Svensson)
09. Forever 2013 (Feat. Tom Shear)


01. Return (Imperative Reaction Remix)
02. Dead Tomorrow (Virtual D3scent Remix)
03. 6AM (Noise Suppression Mix By R010R)
04. Return (Mesh Mix)
05. Goodbye (Frontal Boundary Remix)
06. Falling (Hopeless Mix By Armor)
07. Trigger (Edge Of Dawn Mix)
08. Return (Cephalgy Remix)
09. Falling (Enter And Fall Remix)
10. Goodbye (Aesthetic Perfection Mix)
11. Forever (Head-Less Mix)
12. Return (Funker Vogt Remix)


BRUDERSCHAFT – Forever (2CD 2003)

GENRE : Synthpop
BITRATE : 320 kbps
SIZE : 354 MB
HOSTER : Deposit Files

CD 1:

01. Forever (Original Club Mix)
02. Forever (Radio Edit)
03. Forever Prost Alternative Vocal Rmx By DJ Rexx Arkana)
04. Forever (Heiko’s Minimal Electro Rmx By Heiko Maile Of Camouflage)
05. Forever (Rmx By Feindflug Feat. Aeroflot)
06. Forever (Crystal Mix By Patrick Codenys Of Front 242)
07. Forever (Kombinat Rmx By Melotron)
08. Forever (Anthem Rmx By D-Koy)
09. Forever (Clubcracker Rmx By The Retrosic)
10. Forever (Psymix By Negative Format)
11. Forever (Darkness Pulls Me Under Rmx By State Of The Union)
12. Forever (Eternity Mix By Aiboforcen)
13. Forever (Harlem Hardstyle Rmx By Dräcos)

CD 2:

01. Forever (Farewell Rmx By Angels & Agony)
02. Forever (Sound Addict Rmx By Davantage)
03. Forever (Rmx By Colony 5)
04. Forever (Knowledge Rmx By Lights Of Euphoria)
05. Forever (EssenZ Rmx By Grendel)
06. Forever (Remix By Echorauch)
07. Forever (St. Matthias Club Mix By Plastic)
08. Forever (In The Dark Rmx By Melt)
09. Forever (Comrade Rmx By Code 64)
10. Forever (The Sun And The Sky Rmx By Moonitor)
11. Forever (Lux Eternus Rmx By Punto Omega)
12. Forever (Vocoderoder Rmx By Knobs´N´Switches)
13. Forever (Shadows Bliss Rmx By [:SITD:])