HEX RX – Serial Hex Addict (2012)

GENRE : Dark Electro/EBM
BITRATE : 320 kbps
SIZE : 84 MB
HOSTER : File Factory

01. Flash Hexings, Lids & The Ward Of Admissions
02. Serial Hex Addict
03. Brain Basher
04. Crawler
05. Living On Video
06. Serial Hex Addict (Bossy Buns Appletini Rage Barf Mix By Alter Der Ruine)
07. Brain Basher (Convicted Hex Offender Mix By Psykkle)
08. Crawler (Splatter Mix By Roger Jarvis)
09. Serial Hex Addict (Rape Club Mix By Roger Jarvis)
10. Brain Basher (Head Spillage Mix By W.A.S.T.E.)
11. Crawler (Public Disservice Announcement Mix By Ivardensphere)