KRIMINAL MINDS – Resistance Against (2010)

GENRE : Dark Electro/EBM/Industrial
COUNTRY : Mexico
SIZE : 115 MB
HOSTER : File Factory

01. Do You Want This? 
02. Line Discipline
03. Back to What You Are (Imposition Version)
04. I Can’t See You
05. Keep It Up
06. La Razon De Tu Existencia
07. Lies
08. Sex And Misery
09. The Weakness Inside You
10. Shock Proof Beat
11. Intro
12. I Can’t See You (Breaking The Rules Mix By Dulce Liquido)
13. I Can’t See You (No Sense F*cking Dance Floor Version)
14. Lies (Liar’s Anxiety Mix By AD)
15. La Razon De Tu Existencia (Touched By Stahlnebel And Black Selket)