TRAKKTOR – Halo Of Lies (2CD 2012)

GENRE : Dark Electro/EBM/Industrial
COUNTRY : Sweden
SIZE : 243 MB
HOSTER : Deposit Files/


01. Welcome To Sin City
02. End Of Days
03. Blitzkrieg Galaxy (Album Version)
04. Halo Of Lies
05. Trakktor
06. Spitting On Your Grave
07. Orbital Strike
08. Mekkanized Soul
09. Hollow Spirits (Album Version)
10. Drag Me To Hell
11. The Dawn Of War


01. The Dawn Of War [Falling Skies Remix By Roughhausen]
02. Spitting On Your Grave [Touched By Stahlnebel & Black Selket]
03. Halo Of Lies [Remixed By Re-legion]
04. Dawn Of War [Remixed By Diversant:13]
05. Mekkanized Soul [Remixed By Ginger Snap5]
06. Blitzkrieg Galaxy [The Blister Exists Remix]
07. Spitting On Your Grave [1991 Remixx By Angst Pop Feat. Technomancer]
08. Halo Of Lies [Shock-Pop-Mix By Channel East]
09. Dawn Of War [Frontal Boundary Mix]
10. Mekkanized Soul [Kant Kino Symphony]
11. Blitzkrieg Galaxy [Frau Untz Remix]
12. Spitting On Your Grave [Electronic Dreams_WTL Remix]
13. Halo Of Lies [Remix By Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio]
14. The Dawn Of War [Remixed By Zargg]
15. Spitting On Your Grave [Remix By Particle Son]